Old Shepherd’s Cottage Renovation

Help us revamp the old Shepherds Cottage and turn it into the perfect long term student accommodation set up.

The pristine Kokerboom Biological Research Station is the ideal place for long-term students to delve deeper into their research. Whether it’s monitoring traps or daily field observations, KBRS hosts a wide array of study opportunities to avid university students.

We can accommodate short term students in the main house, but for those looking for more permanent and private lodging – the Shepherds Cottage is ideal.

Our aim at KBRS is to keep student accommodation costs to a minimum. Enabling students to spend more time in the field on valuable research.

The cottage needs work to get it up and running and we have the perfect team to do the job. But we’re running low on funding to achieve this goal.

The cottage lies close to the main house, and we aim to keep it off the grid – as is the rest of KBRS. There is a windmill and tank close by, so water is not an issue – but we need new doors and windows, full kitchenette, bathroom fittings, paint, solar panels and an inverter.

Please consider donating to help us to revamp the old, to give our long-term candidates a quiet place to call home.

You can help us by making a financial contribution to our bank account:

Bank: FNB
Account: 63002233756
Branch: 210835


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